The Humble Bundle team is back with another great deal for the price of almost nothing. For those who don’t know what this is, humble bundle is a charity organization which provides digital games and lets people pay whatever amount they want to get the games. Then if you beat the average, you get even more games. Or you can read more here.
There’s a new Godzilla teaser trailer out. And it shows some more about what the story is most probably going to be about. There’s a lot of tail and plane wrecking action but more importantly, there are some reveals which I find to be quite surprising. I also have some theory on a plot they’re not telling us yet.
I got these Batman, Superman and Marvel Heroes LEGO toys just recently and I wasn’t expecting to have this much fun with them.
The teaser for the upcoming Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy finally went up last week. There wasn’t much story or plot reveal, but on the characters they revealed a LOT. So, do you know who the Guardians of the Galaxy are now?

The boys from Queens are back and I could not be more excited about hearing this news. Vince, Johnny Drama, Eric, Turtle and Mr. Ari Gold are coming back for an Entourage movie.


There are just some movies that you’ll really walk away feeling great. It doesn’t matter whether it’s good or bad, all the matters is that you feel good and satisfied. The upcoming Mr. Peabody and Sherman from Dreamworks Animations is one of those types of movies.

You know that feeling back in the old Family Computer (NES) days where multiple people could control a single character? It was annoying as heck. If you could find someone who can cooperate and play well with you then it was fun, but what it they sucked? It made the game twice as annoying and twice as hard. Now multiply that by a thousand.

The LEGO brand is 80+ years old and after a bazillion toys, a bunch of video games, several spin-offs (yeah I’m looking at you Duplo), they finally get their first full length theater movie! And they got Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the two guys who wrote and directed Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. The LEGO Movie also has the pick of any character from the LEGO universe, which is pretty much everything, from ninja turtles, to Ninjago, to pirates, to star wars to lord of the rings to, just recently, the Simpsons. Then they got Will Ferrell and Morgan Freeman voicing the characters. So it’s just a matter of everything being thrown together, then sitting back and watching an awesome movie right? Right?
The glory days of wrestling has to be back during the WWE attitude era during the late 90s to early 2000s. What made wrestling awesome on top of the excellent fights and amazing storyline was of course the entrance videos.
So I finally decided on getting a tablet of my own. It took me this long because there wasn’t one out there that was good enough in my opinion. Well, last December, I saw one that finally lived up to the specs that I needed. Being a Sony product made the choice a lot simpler.

The Superbowl was super disappointing. But at least a few good things came out from it. There was a trailer for Transformers: Age of Exinction which I was looking forward to hate on since I was so disappointed by the previous ones. Until I saw the end.
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