More Good stuff from Humble Bundle 11


The Humble Bundle team is back with another great deal for the price of almost nothing. For those who don’t know what this is, humble bundle is a charity organization which provides digital games and lets people pay whatever amount they want to get the games. Then if you beat the average, you get even more games. Or you can read more here.

So for the price of at least $1 if you head to humble bundle, you get great games like Guacamelee which is a metroid-vania type game which I played on my PS Vita and was able to platinum. You get 2 more awesome side scrolling action games in Giana Sisters and Dust, then you also get a puzzler game in The Swapper which has done well and is coming to consoles.

As of writing this, the price to beat is $4.67, and with that you get Antichamber which is a great puzzler and Fez which did very well and loved by a lot of folks. There are also some other games like Monaco, Starseed and Beatbuddy which I am not familiar with. But who cares, it’s part of the package.

These deals are good for a few more days, but check out the site, it also has some other deals going on.
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