My Top WWE Entrance Videos from the 90s

The glory days of wrestling has to be back during the WWE attitude era during the late 90s to early 2000s. What made wrestling awesome on top of the excellent fights and amazing storyline was of course the entrance videos.

I remember always rushing home on a Thursday at 6pm to watch WWE Raw. Then the next 2 hours will be pure awesomeness. Today I still watch wrestling every so often, but only in passing and not on a weekly basis since I could never catch it on TV on a regular basis.

So here are my top WWE entrance videos.

7. Steve Blackman – This guy was pure cool. He always came out with a kendo stick and you could tell that he was naturally talented in fighting. I could never remember if he was a heel or a face. He always shifts without notice.

6. Ken Shamrock – I used to watch this guy back when he was doing MMA. It’s great how he always just pops suddenly and goes nuts.

5. Val Venis – No explanation needed. Being a pornstar wrestler as his character… well. Ryan Shamrock Yeah!

4. Stone Cold Steve Austin - This guy I never liked since he was always going against my favorite wrestlers. But his video is still awesome. 

3. D generation X – It’s just pure fun each time they come out and inflict the most chaos possible.

2. HHH – Badass. At the time I didn’t really like him since I was always rooting for the other guy. But I learned to like him since he was just that good as a wrestler and as an entertainer.

1. The Rock – This was mostly a huge part of the reason why I watched and enjoyed wrestling at the time.

Who are your favorites?
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