[Trailer] New Godzilla Trailer Has Secret Reveals

There’s a new Godzilla teaser trailer out. And it shows some more about what the story is most probably going to be about. There’s a lot of tail and plane wrecking action but more importantly, there are some reveals which I find to be quite surprising. I also have some theory on a plot they’re not telling us yet.

I have always loved monster movies and this one looks to be amazing. So on to the reveals. There were some surprises since I didn’t really know a lot about the movie before this one went up.

1. Brian Cranston (Breaking Bad – EISENBERG) and Ken Watanabe (Inception/Last Samurai) are in this movie. Oh, and one of the Olsen twins are also in it.

2. They mention a 1950’s Godzilla. Not clear if it’s the same one from the original movies or this is a new one from the same radioactive experiments.


3. Godzilla wins against several fighter airplanes. So either he can shoot spikes from his back, has sick aiming from his fire breath, is REALLY big, or there’s something else in the mix here (I have a theory but more on this later).

4. They show his face. This was the one that surprised me the MOST. They don’t usually reveal the monster until the actual movie. But they show him here. Guess he needed some early screen time.

So here’s something else that’s been keeping me wondering: will Godzilla play a hero or a villain in this movie. In some movies he’s portrayed as the hero who fights against nature or other monsters, but in some he’s just shown as a mindless creature of doom. In the last Mathew Broderick Godzilla movie, (s)he’s shows as just trying to procreate and live in peace. But screw that last movie, the only good thing that came out of it was the soundtrack.


Now to my theory. I think that there is something else in play here. Most probably a second monster that Godzilla has to fight off eventually. There are some things that make this plausible:

First is the fighter jets, there is no way in heck that Godzilla could have taken like 4 of them down. In a blind rage he could have swiped and gotten lucky. But that’s the thing, the planes didn’t get swiped and blown up in the sky, they looked like they lost power and fell from the sky which is not the Godzilla style of smashing.

The second point is the screenshot I posted just above. It looks like a nail or a claw. But look again, it’s jointed. So unless Godzilla’s claws has more joints than physically possible, then what you’re looking at is probably the leg of a more insect-like creature like a moth or a mantis

Regardless, the movie looks to be awesome. Here’s the new trailer for your consumption. Godzilla comes out in theaters in summer. So that’s probably July or August.
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