There’s a new X-men Days of Future Past trailer out and this time it shows off the main enemies that our hero team will be fighting. The Sentinels. I wrote about it before on how these big boys were missing from the previous trailer and it’s a good thing the Marvel guys heard the cry of the people.

Valve has given both gamers and non-gamers a really great gift: the gift of understanding. I heard about Free to Play a few months back during The International 3 when it was being shown to a bunch of people in the event and everyone was having good things to say about it. Now it’s finally here and it’s free for people to watch and enjoy.

Looking for a fun game for your mobile device? Here’s one that’s going to be easy to pick up but hard to put down. I picked up this game as part of the Humble Bundle and it has been one of my go-to games during my downtimes.

Coffee with a Canine is a site that features dogs and their owners. I was contacted by the site owner last year and the article finally went up. You can see it here.

There’s a new Transformers: Age of Extinction trailer out. Last time during the Superbowl trailer, I had hoped that the dinosaur was Grimlock. This kind of confirms it.. sort of, but not what I was expecting to see later on.
Remember Gerard Butler’s 300 from a few years back? It had nice visuals, great fight scenes with a lot of slo-mo killing, a ton of blood splatter and half naked guys. Want more of that? Then you’ve come to the right place, because 300: Rise of an Empire brings all of that back. Want the same satisfying storyline and gritty dirty setting feel? Well, you decide.
This is probably the best thing I’ve seen this week and also the best news I’ve heard. Rocksteady studios has brought Batman back in Arkham Knight and this time, it’s next generation! If you’re a Batman fan, this trailer will blow your mind.
Seth Rogen is back to give us some more laughs. And this time he’s brought Zac Efron with him. There’s a trailer out for this new movie called Neighbors and it is something that’s worth looking forward to.
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