[Movie Review] 300 Rise of an Empire has lots of Blood

Remember Gerard Butler’s 300 from a few years back? It had nice visuals, great fight scenes with a lot of slo-mo killing, a ton of blood splatter and half naked guys. Want more of that? Then you’ve come to the right place, because 300: Rise of an Empire brings all of that back. Want the same satisfying storyline and gritty dirty setting feel? Well, you decide.

I was not really that excited to go watch 300: Rise of an Empire since I knew that it wasn’t going to be about the Spartans this time and that it was going to be about the other Greek factors like the Athenians who according to Leonidas are philosophers and boy lovers. What I did know is that it’s going to try and be like the original 300. And that was awesome so this couldn’t be all that bad.


300 Rise of an Empire is an action film about the war between Persians and the Greeks. It continues the story that the original 300 started. A lot of parts actually run in parallel with happenings of the first movie but from the perspective of the allied Greece sans Sparta. The story gives some background as to how Xerxes came into power and how the Greek commander stood his ground against this powerful army.


Eva Green is awesome. I’m beginning to be a fan. She always plays the villain though, she was semi-likable in James Bond but she is just great here. Eva plays Artemisia, who is the Persian Naval Commander and the one who helped put Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro) into power and turn him into the God king that he claims to be. Xerxes is still the same character from the first but there is an additional layer to his character when they explore his backstory. I like.


Now the good guys, Themistokles (played by Sullivan Stapleton who I don’t know) is the Greek Navy commander tasked to fight off the Persian invasion. I don’t know who this actor is but he does a good job of killing dudes in this movie.


The pacing of the movie is steady and what I’ve come to expect from a 300 movie. They spend some time introducing the characters and grounding the timeline so you know what’s going on in Sparta (300) while the story advances in this part of the war. There is a lot of killing and blood.



I went to watch this on IMAX and the 3D effects were great. They made sure to include a lot of first person scenes where you are the one getting stabbed or watching you buddies get mutilated. The setting was what 300 is, which is dry and grimy. But since there was a lot of Naval battle, they added a lot of bright blue in the palette like their capes and other accessories. Then the blood. While I know I should be enjoying all the bloodshed, the usage of blood was too much for me to handle. Where the blood in the original was dry and splattered well, the blood here had the same consistency as the mutagen ooze from TMNT. Imagine that coming out of a dude. Not very appealing. But all the other effects and costumes were awesome. The ships used for battle, the beasts and the giant slaves: all of which were great.



I had a good time watching 300: Rise of an Empire. It was more enjoyable than what I was expecting. The end left me a bit wanting for more though. I thought they built up the climax too much and just ended it abruptly.

300: Rise of an Empire shows in Manila cinemas on March 6 (today) in IMAX 3D, Digital 3D, 2D and 35mm format. The film has been rated R-16 by the MTRCB.

Score: 4 out of 5 (Slightly exceeds my low expectations. Watch it for a good time)

Photo credits:"Warner Bros. Pictures.”
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