Batman Arkham Knight is Ready to Blow your Mind

This is probably the best thing I’ve seen this week and also the best news I’ve heard. Rocksteady studios has brought Batman back in Arkham Knight and this time, it’s next generation! If you’re a Batman fan, this trailer will blow your mind.

Rumored to be in the works for quite a while now, the reveal has finally come. Kevin Conroy, who arguably has the best Batman voice, slipped and mentioned that he had been working on an Arkham game last year, but that Batman game didn’t have him, so the only logical explanation was that there was another one! Which is this.


The trailer explores a little bit of father and son moment that Bruce has with his dad via a last will. He then transforms into the Batman and beats up dudes.

So we see Harley Quinn, Penguin, Two face and Scarecrow (voice) so far in the trailer. No doubt Joker is in it in some way (since something happened to him in the last Arkham game, but they will most likely save that for another trailer. We also see the batmobile in action.


We’ve seen what Rocksteady brought to the table when they started the Arkham series on the PS3 era, now I cannot wait to see what they can do with next gen hardware.

Ok, if I I had to nitpick, the only part I didn’t like from the trailer was that Batman had the “George Clooney” batsuit style which kinda sucks. But I guess you’ll just see his back most of the time while playing anyway, which I assume will have excellent cape flowing animations, so that should make up for it.

Arkham Knight comes out for all next gen systems (PS4, XB1) and PC in 2014.

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