New X-men Trailer has Sentinels! Time to Celebrate

There’s a new X-men Days of Future Past trailer out and this time it shows off the main enemies that our hero team will be fighting. The Sentinels. I wrote about it before on how these big boys were missing from the previous trailer and it’s a good thing the Marvel guys heard the cry of the people.

Quite ironic how the smallest guy in Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) would be the one selling these big bots. The trailer shows a little bit of how they will be looking like and that they will be functioning and running similar to how they are in the comics, which are in big groups.

Xmen-Days-Future-Past-Sentinels-1 Xmen-Days-Future-Past-Sentinels-2

Just for reference, this is how they look like in the comic books. Huge purple machines that the Xmen or other mutants just tear through. They look mindless and dumb, but they have taken out a fair share of mutants during their time.

Xmen-Sentinels-trading-cards \

So the trailer was all I was expecting from the movie being based off of a really popular Xmen Comic book storyline… then this fire face shows up. No idea who or what he is. Looks fairly similar to the Destroyer from the Thor movie. But unlikely.


The trailer also shows off more of the other mutants who will be present, like Shadowcat, Colossus, Iceman and some fire dude (Human torch? but unlikely since he’s not a mutant). X-men Days of Future Past comes out in May.

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