The new trailer for X-men Days of Future Past is out and there more reveals in this Bryan Singer film. Some great, some so-so. I'm still excited for this movie regardless.
Animation is really cool. It’s something I’ve really wanted to do for a while now but haven’t had time for. I have wanted to do it since I love thinking up stories but just didn’t have the medium to convey it. Until I saw Source Filmmaker during this holy week holiday.
Pacquiao Bradley 2 Replay

  So while everyone's going nuts over the Pacquiao vs Bradley 2 fight, since I didn't have PPV, I took my lunch and watched something else instead, then just came back to watch the replay. So for those who absolutely have to watch it again now, I found this Youtube channel that showed it. It's a guy holding a camera, but it's the best I could find.

Dragonball Z is one of those shows wherein it’s widely known in the whole anime universe. There are even folks who don’t watch anime who also know what a Dragonball is. There have also been a lot of merchandise for it like toys and lunchboxes for the Dragonball Z fan. But nothing had prepared me for this.

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