5 Things I Learned from the New X-men Days of Future Past Trailer

The new trailer for X-men Days of Future Past is out and there more reveals in this Bryan Singer film. Some great, some so-so. I'm still excited for this movie regardless.

It’s times like this that it’s not fun knowing too much about the comic books. Here we go:


#1 – Quicksilver’s in it and it looks like they won’t play into the “Magneto’s my dad” storyline. I don’t expect them to do this at all since it seems that Quicksilver’s role is going to be more apparent in the upcoming Avengers 2 movie. They seem to want to portray him here as a young an reckless kid rather than the smarter and more distinguished comic persona. Those goggles… *shakes head*.


#2 – Sentinels look like crap. It seems that they really tried and went full on to piss off all comic book lovers of the X-men. Just look at that face. Who’s going to get scared at that? You know what they remind me of?

This below. Yeah. Try to unsee that.

Mars attacks

Not only did they make them super ugly. They also gave them crappy gear. See the below shot? Machine guns. Good job. Sentinels are supposed to emit like light beams of death. How do you expect to take down mutants with guns. The only thing I can think of is that maybe they’re trying to reimagine what Sentinels would look like when they were created in the 60s or whenever this timeline is. Look at those hydraulic legs.


#3 – There’s going to be some Mystique drama. Hey they realized that people like seeing Jennifer Laurence do drama. I’m fine with this… but I just hope they won’t spend too much time developing this storyline. Boo-hoo. I don’t want to fight anymore.


#4 – Magneto is still awesome. They will continue to make him more and more powerful and this is a good direction. That comic book moment when he raised that whole submarine… hopefully they give out that vibe in this raising-the-whole-stadium scene.


#5 – Wolvie’s bone claws. They got stripped in the last Wolverine movie, and they’re still stripped here. Not sure how he’s going to fight with them apart from poking dudes in the eyes or stabbing them.


In the end, I’m still watching this movie, just because it’s an X-men movie. Hopefully it will be a great experience and not a disappointment. 

“X-Men: Days of Future Past” (3D) will open May 21 in Phils. theaters nationwide from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros. Watch the trailer below.

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