Learning Animation and Making Fun Movies

Animation is really cool. It’s something I’ve really wanted to do for a while now but haven’t had time for. I have wanted to do it since I love thinking up stories but just didn’t have the medium to convey it. Until I saw Source Filmmaker during this holy week holiday.

Source Filmmaker from Valve uses the Source game engine which runs almost all of its games like Half Life, Counterstrike, Left 4 Dead, Dota and Team Fortress 2. What this application does is that it gives you the tools that you need to create and animate your movies. It also doesn’t hurt that my laptop is especially made to run these types of game engines.


Source Filmmaker allows you to create a timeline of the scenes that you want to create, then modify each part of it whether it be the length of the scenes, sounds, music, overlays, then you can also modify the scene itself by adding new models, objects that the models can interact with, particles, special effects and more. Then you can also pose each of the models from their wireframes and animate them by moving each part as needed. It gets tricky for this part since you need to have a good understanding of how wireframes and human beings work (which I kinda didn’t) or the movement’s going to look odd.


Facial animation is also one of the things that has been challenging, yet fun to do. It makes me marvel and appreciate more how expressions are made by changes to the cheeks, eyes and mouth.

So anyway, here’s the movie that I made using the tools that I learned. I started with something simple, then I’ll most likely move to something more challenging after. This one took me about 12 hours to make.

For comparison, below was my first movie that took me about 6 hours.
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