[New Game] You Will Have Fun with Beach God

Platform (Android/iOS). What games like Flappy birds have reminded us is that simple games can exist in this day and age. Do 1 thing and do it well and people will like it. And make it free.
That’s what Beach God is all about. It’s about a guy who’s trying to impress ladies on a beach. You tap the screen to flex and impress the ladies. That’s about it. You can add some story like why he turns into a bag of bones when he fails but that just makes the game a bit more fun because it’s a throwback to the olden days where you make up your own story instead of everything being fed to you.
There’s a new social feature that was recently patched in where you can share your final score with your social networks. Game’s super fun if you have a few minutes of time while waiting in line or the lift. I showed it to some of my friends and they were immediately hooked.
Beach God is available for Android (Link) and iOS devices.
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