Guillermo del Toro Confirms Pacific Rim 3 and some other Cool Stuff

Pacific Rim 3 is confirmed. Best news I heard this morning. Of course the second one has to come out first and do well, but director and creator Guillermo del Toro all but revealed what the plot was going to be.

In an interview with IGN, Guillermo reveals that he is definitely planning to do a third Pacific Rim movie if the world wants it. So start ponying up those $$$ votes and go watch the movies so they know.
Hannibal Chau

Among other things, he also talked about returning cast like Charlie Hunnam and the dynamic due of Charlie Day and Burn Gornam (scientists). What got me super excited was also the reveal that Mr. Hannibal Chau, Ron Perlman is coming back to look for his golden shoes.

On the machine front, it seems that Gypsy Danger 2.0 will also be back with an appearance. Then the story will focus on other parts of the universe. He mentions exploring a different side or story of Hunnam. Hopefully it’s going to be as exciting and action packed as the first.

I trust you Guillermo del Toro. In other parts of the video, he also mentions that he’s still trying to do Hellboy 3. Come on! Let’s go!

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