Rewatched Shaider and Nothing Could Have Prepared me for This


If you were an 80’s kid, then you would know who that lady in the picture is and what her significance is as part of all of our childhood. Know yet?


It’s Ida from the TV series, Shaider Space Sheriff of Shaider Pulis Pangkalawakan as we may know it. Depending on which version you saw.


Remember the above video? Yeah. Awesome right?


So just for nostalgic purposes I decided to re-watch the pilot episode of Shaider on YouTube. And my childhood just flat out died there on the spot.


Apparently the original Japanese version had Ida as a man. Or she-male. I’m not sure what they were going for. But she’s a he. Could not believe it. Sad. But on the bright side, the ritual scene is still awesome as ever and so is Shaider. That theme song is just timeless

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