Xiaomi Mi Powerbank Review

I have been using Xiaomi’s Mi Powerbank for close to 3 months and if you’re curious as to if it’s just another one of those China brands? Does it work well? Will it blow up? Why is it priced like that? Then keep reading.

Xiaomi (小米 which literally means small rice) is a brand you may or may not have heard about before. But make sure you educate yourself because you’re going to hear a lot more from this up and coming technology company who’s now beating Samsung and Apple in China and soon, other places.


Xiaomi is a brand that I have been very familiar with because I have been using their version of Android operating system (MIUI) for almost 3 years now and it has always been one of the best versions I have used. So when I saw that they were now selling powerbanks, I had no hesitation to buying one.

Acquiring one
It was a challenge to find one here locally since although a lot of people sell it, there are a lot of fake powerbanks. Like this guy who sold me a fake one but wouldn’t return my money. So I ordered from Xiaomi’s HK website and had it delivered there. It was cheap as heck since the 10400mAh for HK$89, converting into local currency it’s around PhP630 or about US$12. Now, Xiaomi has a Philippine retailer in Lazada, so you can actually purchase one already. For other markets, you can buy from authorized retailers like www.xiaomiworld.com.

Usage is pretty straightforward, you plug it in the big slot if you want to charge your phone and plug it into the smaller slot if you want to charge the powerbank. This one’s 10400mAh so it lasts quite a while. I have 3 devices that this MI Powerbank charges: Samsung Galaxy S2 (1680mAh), Sony Xperia Tablet Z (6000mAh) and Playstation Vita (2200mAh). I’m able to charge all 3 devices in 1 full charge of the power bank and it still has a little juice left. A 4 LED light indicator tells you how much juice is left. The powerbank can be charged while it’s charging something BUT it will take that much longer to finish charging which is expected. But it will work.


The only downside is that since it has a huge capacity, it takes quite a while (~10-12 hours depending on your charger) before it can be filled up to full.

The powerbank has a pretty sturdy design. If I accidentally drop it, I don’t feel like it will break into pieces. It actually feels more like it’s going to damage whatever it falls on. The edges are a bit on the sharp side so if you put this in your bag together with other stuff, it’s going to scratch them. So you need to put it in a pouch, or buy the rubber case (approx P200+) they sell with it. It’s also fat and a bit heavy at 250g depending on where you want to put it. If it’s in a bag then it’s fine, but forget about putting this in your pocket.


I highly recommend this product. If you like the feeling of leaving your home and just going full on crazy with your device without any worry of the battery dying out, then this is for you. Note that they also have the smaller 5200mAh model available.
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