The Dota 6.82 patch change is here with changes to how the heroes work. These are always welcome since they make the game better and more balanced. Or at least try to.
Update: 6.82 Analysis to changes to all heroes. 6.82 Analysis to change to Map

So the new Dota patch has a lot of changes and on top of the map changes, there are 2 heroes who got major revamps that will drastically impact the way you play them.
Update: 6.82 Analysis to changes to all heroes6.82 Analysis to change to PL and BS

So there was a huge Dota 2 update that just went live which I didn’t see coming. This one has a TON of changes especially to the map. One thing that had been fairly constant was how the map was structured and it’s not every patch that we expect changes. Until now.
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