[Movie Review] Disney's Big Hero 6

Walt Disney Animation studios made another movie. And it’s the same guys who made Frozen and Wreck it Ralph so that’s supposed to be a good thing right? Right? But this time Big Hero 6 is about superheroes fighting bad guys.

This movie is all about visuals, fun and action. The trailers I saw were all about this kid and his robot going on their adventure beating up bad guys.

The setting is a futuristic city called San Fransokyo. Because the best way to blend to cultures into 1 is by combining the names of their cities. Hiro, the 14 year old creator/genius is rescued by his older brother, Tadashi, from going into a path of gambling and instead, asks him to use his skills to go to university and invent stuff. He does this and discovers all of the wonderful inventions his older brother was working on. One of which was the fluffy med robot, Baymax. After an unfortunate accident that took Tadashi’s life, Hiro is driven to finding who killed his brother. It’s a bit dark when you think about it, but the movie really isn’t.

I absolutely did not know anyone from the movie. No one. There were a few who were familiar like Jamie Chung (Sucker Punch), Damon Wayans, and James Cromwell (Sum of all fears). The rest I had no idea. But that’s not a bad thing, I was so engrossed with the characters that I didn’t care who was doing the voice work. So I’m just going to put the notes I got:

“Big Hero 6” features the voices of an extraordinary ensemble cast, including Scott Adsit (“30 Rock,” “St. Vincent”) as Baymax, Ryan Potter (“Supah Ninjas,” “Senior Project”) as Hiro Hamada; Daniel Henney (“X-Men Origins: Wolverine”) as Tadashi; T.J. Miller (HBO’s “Silicon Valley,” “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” “How to Train Your Dragon 2”) as Fred; Jamie Chung (“Sin City: A Dame to Kill For,” “Once Upon A Time,” “The Hangover Part II &Part III”) as GoGo Tomago;Damon Wayans Jr. (“Let’s Be Cops,” “Happy Endings”) as Wasabi; and Genesis Rodriguez (“Tusk,” “Identity Thief”) as Honey Lemon. The film also features the voices of veteran actors James Cromwell (“Murder in the First,” “L.A. Confidential”) as Professor Robert Callaghan, Alan Tudyk (“Tell,” “Welcome to Me,” “42”) as Alistair Krei and Maya Rudolph (TV’s “Saturday Night Live,” “The Maya Rudolph Show,” Bridesmaids”) as Aunt Cass.

The plot is very shallow but it touches on a lot of relevant topics like family, loss, friendship, anger, revenge and humor. There’s a good mix of it. I thought the pacing was all right and it wasn’t too long (about an hour and a half). The development of Hiro’s relationship with the robot Baymax is something really special that the movie brings to the table as well as the internal struggles that he encounters and how having friends helps him to overcome them.

Nothing to see here really. There’s are very few scenes that benefit from 3D. The shade of the 3D glasses also dull out the otherwise vibrant colors. I found myself taking off the glasses every so often to enjoy the colors.

Big Hero 6 is a movie I wish I was able to watch when I was like 8 or 10 years old. It blends a lot of childhood fantasies like being able to have an awesome pal, being able to fly, being smart and cool, getting everyone to like you all the time. It’s a fun movie that you can watch and especially if you are bringing kids.

Score: 4 out of 5 (Exceeds my expectations by a bit)

The film opens on Nov 6, 2014 in Philippine theaters.
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