New Items in Dota 2 6.84 Patch Review!!

The new Dota 2 6.84 patch is here and, oh boy, it is BIG. Since Starladder just wrapped up last weekend, this patch will be the last major one before we go to the International which is the main stage for all Dota 2 tournaments. In this post I’ll be covering the 6.84 new items from the patch.

Enchanted Mango
Cost: 150 gold
Provides: + 1 HP regeneration
Use: Consume the mango to instantly restore 150 mana. Can be fed to an ally

This is an item that can be bought at the start of the game. It’s for carries who are mana reliant but don’t have a big mana pool at the start. If you just keep the item in your inventory, it allows you to trade with the opposing heroes since it gives you an additional 1hp regen. Then once consumed, gives you an instant 150 mana. I can see this being useful for heroes like Sven, Tiny or CK. The trade off is that it’s a bit expensive for a consumable so you sacrifice stats, damage and armor items.

Lotus Orb
New item formed from Perseverance, Platemail, and a recipe
Perseverance (1750)
Platemail (1400)
Recipe (900)
Total: 4050
+5 HP Regen
+125% Mana Regen
+10 Damage
+10 Armor
Can be disassembled
Active: Echo Shell - Targets an allied unit, dispelling negative buffs (normal dispel, not stuns) and applying an Echo Shell buff for 6 seconds. While the Echo Shell buff is active, it re-casts all targeted spells back at its caster. 17 Cooldown, 100 mana cost, 900 cast range
Note: This does not block the spell, it mirrors it back. Same targeting rules as Linken's Sphere

This item gives armor, hp and mana regen. The worth comes in its active ability which removes all negative debuffs and adds the ability to remove all negative debuffs AND, for 6 seconds, automatically throw back at the enemy all targeted effects thrown at an allied hero. Note that this is only for targeted abilities like storm bolt, laguna blade, finger of death and does not include AOE spells like echo slam or RP. I can see this being built on your supports as an additional tanky item and as a tool to stay behind your carry or tank. On the offensive, it can be cast right after the initiation so enemies think twice about casting on your carry. As a defensive skill, it can be used to remove debuffs and at least have a fighting chance to get back with the mirror effect. This will be especially good against heroes that deal a lot of burst damage like Lion and Lina. Interesting to see how this mechanic will work for spells like Sunder, Culling blade, and Omnislash. But note that this does not remove the spell, it just recasts it again.
It can be disassembled so later on this can either transition to a linkens spere or to a Shivas or an AC.

Glimmer Cape
New item formed from Cloak and Shadow Amulet
Shadow Amulet (1400)
Cloak (550)
Total: 1950

+30 Attack Speed
+20% Magic Resistance
Can be disassembled.
Active: Glimmer - Targets an allied unit and makes it turn invisible after a 0.4 second fade time. While invisible, it gains 66% magic resistance. Lasts 5 seconds. The invisible unit is allowed to move during the 5 seconds, but attacking or casting a spell will cause the 0.4 second fade time will trigger again. 16 cooldown. 900 Cast Range. Can be cast while channelling
Note: The bonus magic resistance on Glimmer Cape is only active while invisible

This is another support item that can now be cast as a targeted ability for your teammates. It’s a cheaper alternative for Shadow blade if you just want to use it to guarantee your channeling spell to finish. You can build it for your squishy supports with key ultimates like Witch Doctor or Crystal Maiden. You can also cast it on your carries who are trying to get away.

Guardian Greaves
New item formed from Arcane Boots, Mekansm, and a recipe
Arcane Boots: 1350
Mekansm: 2300
Recipe: 1650
Total: 5300
+55 Movement Speed
+250 Mana
+5 All Stats
+5 Armor
Passive: Guardian Aura - Provides 2 armor and 4 health regeneration aura. When a target's health is lower than 20% it instead provides 15 armor and 15 health regen
Active: Mend - Restores 250 health and 160 mana to nearby allies. Removes negative debuffs from the caster upon cast. 45 second cooldown
Note: The dispel only affects your hero

This item is a very nice welcome item for supports. Since you need to eventually hold a lot of items in your inventory like wards, dusts and force staffs, this item allows you to combine your mek and arcane boots into just 1 slot. The second passive is a bit OP though because if you or your teammates’ health goes below 20%, it heals for 15 hp per second and gives 15 armor. So as long as you have this, the bloodseekers of the world will have less of a window to hunt down their prey. It also removes negative debuffs from the caster upon cast. So maybe a slow or a poison attack can be removed to help you with your escape. I like this item because it puts a bit more priority to killing supports in a team fight especially if it goes on for a long fight.

Moon Shard
New item formed from 2 Hyperstones and a recipe
Hyperstone (2000)
Hyperstone (2000)
Recipe (300)
Total: 4300
+120 Attack Speed
Passive: Shade Sight - Moon Shard grants 250 bonus night vision (when in inventory only. Works against Night Stalker's Darkness)
Use: Can be consumed to gain a permanent 60 attack speed buff (does not stack). Requires a double click to consume
Notes: Attack Speed buff does not work on illusions

A new DPS item which gives better night vision. This is no question for the Trolls, Snipers and the PAs. The night vision also makes it harder for them to get ganked. The item can also be consumed later on to give half of the attack speed permanently. I assume this is so that you can trade the 60 attack speed for a totally new item to prevent getting 6 slotted.

Silver Edge
New item formed from Shadow Blade and Sange and a recipe
Shadow Blade (2800)
Sange (2050)
Recipe 350 Total: 5200
+32 Damage
+30 Attack Speed
+16 Strength
Lesser Maim
Shadow Walk: Invis attack now deals 225 damage also applies Break to disable passive abilities, and reduces the target's damage output (all damage types) by 40% for 5 seconds. 24 second cooldown. Attacking to end invisibility cannot miss. Debuff does not pierce Spell Immunity
This is a better version of the shadow blade. The best part is the Break which disables passive abilities like PA’s blur or AM’s magic resistance. This item is a ganking item which will be used by heroes who can quickly take down a hero with burst damage like Troll or Sniper.

Solar Crest
New item formed from Medallion of Courage and Talisman of Evasion
Medalion of Courage (1200)
Talisman of Evasion (1800)
Total: 3000
10 armor
75% mana regen
30% evasion
Active: Loses the Solar Crest Armor and Evasion. When targetting an ally, grants them 10 Armor and 30% Evasion. When targeting an enemy, removes 10 armor and applies a 30% miss for 7 seconds. Cooldown: 7 seconds
Can be disassembled. This debuff is dispellable
A better version of the medallion. It now reduces armor by 3 more. The evasion/miss mechanic of the talisman is also nice. Activating this removes the buffs from the caster but transfers it to another hero. Useful for taking Roshan as well. This can be disassembled but medallion holders don’t usually go for Butterfly.

Octarine Core
New item formed from Mystic Staff and Soul Booster
Mystic Staff (2700)
Soul Booster (3200)
Total: 5900
+25 Intelligence
+450 HP
+400 Mana
+4 HP regeneration
+100% Mana regeneration
Passive: Cooldown Reduction - Reduces all cooldowns by 25%
Passive: Spell Lifesteal - Restores health for a percentage of any damage dealt from spells. 25% from heroes, 5% from creeps
My mind broke when I saw this item. Reducing cooldowns by 25%. This would include spell cooldowns as well as item cooldowns like BKB, midas and euls. Ok, maybe Midas is irrelevant by the time you get this item. Then also having a % of life restored by enemy spell damage? It’s bad enough that you’re screwing with the time it takes for your cooldowns but now the enemy also has to recompute how much damage they need to deal to kill you. So a full Lina combo of Dragon slave, LSA and Laguna blade which would have dealt 1510 damage now only deals 1132. That’s a lot of life gained and it makes tanky heroes that much harder to kill. Imagine this item on a BB. the only way to take him down reliably would be physical damage.

Observer & Sentry Wards
Observer and Sentry Wards now stack into one inventory slot. Double clicking toggles which ward type is currently active
Love this change. Now supports will be able to carry more items without worrying about getting 6 slotted fast.

Upgraded Boots of Travel
Boots of Travel can now be upgraded by purchasing the recipe again. Allows you to target and teleport to allied heroes
Another 2000 gold to be able to TP to heroes? Why not? Imagine TP’ing to a Nature’s prophet who can go anywhere, or maybe an Io which turns it into a 3 man gank instead of 2.

Overall I like these 6.84 Patch Change new items. It will change the meta a bit. Dare I say, supports might be a little bit more fun to play. we’ll see.
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