Metro Manila Film Festival Traffic Route

Metro-Manila-Film-Festival-2015-Road-Closure It's that time of the year again. Christmas time. And with it, the Manila traffic. Then somehow the dudes at the local entertainment industry always decide to do the Metro Manila film festival Parade at this time of the year, specifically today, December 23. Last year's traffic was bad and this year might even be worse. It sucks that they don't really do big announcements for this and just hope that you hear about it. Anyway, here's their path. It starts
near the mall of Asia area through to J.W. Diokno (in front of the Mall of Asia globe street) then turns to Roxas  Blvd. until they reach the Quirino Grandstand. -sigh- Party starts at 3pm. So do your lunch early then get the heck out of EDSA.
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